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Based in Switzerland, our organization is dedicated to fill the gap between the masses and professionals in the fields of : VIRTUAL, AUGMENTED and MIXED REALITY industries. We unite experts, researchers, developers,  and other key stakeholders in working collaboratively on important matters that will impact the future of the Swiss XR industry.


The SSVAR promotes the dynamic global growth of the Swiss XR industry. To that end, the association fosters dialogue between public and private industry stakeholders around the Switzerland and makes education and training material available to both creators and users of the technology.


We work to educate partners, governments, researchers, and the public about XR’s potential. This includes efforts to anticipate and mitigate challenges in the responsible development and deployment of XR technology.The SSVAR brings together Swiss and international experts across industry to collaborate on educational resources and promotion of best practices in the field.

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We offer consulting services, through our network and members. Looking for a seasoned specialist in VR?AR?MR? or more general in IT?

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IT, VR, AR, MR projects and development services...




Immersive Learning During Forth Technology Revolution

VR/AR/MR XR Breaking News

  • Originally due for release this past May, the PSVR version of Budget Cuts just suffered another delay. Neat Corp’s original VR stealth game has been a long time coming for Sony’s console. In March, we...
  • For today’s livestream we’re diving into Iron Man VR, the newly released PSVR-exclusive superhero action game from Camouflaj and Sony. If you’re curious about how we livestream the way we do then look no further...
  • Oculus Quest sideloading platform, SideQuest, is getting a bit of a redesign soon, and we’ve just got a first glimpse at it. The below teaser image was recently posted on Reddit and verified by SideQuest’s...
  • Another of Resolution Games’ older mobile VR titles is making its way to Oculus Quest next week. This time it’s Wonderglade. You may remember Wonderglade as a Google Daydream-exclusive carnival app (that eventually came to...

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